Our team

We are a small group of freelance professionals, multi-disciplinary designers and experienced developers. We are a fluid team working together since 2009 to bring you quality work, always on time, exactly as agreed upon.

Most of our designs are bespoke. We create the logo to fit your business, we don't simply recycle common clip art. For web design, while we do at times use templates or Wordpress themes when a very limited budget calls for it, our favourite type of project is one where we can start with client's needs and preferences and then, building from scratch, we create a completely unique design that fits client's vision and personality.

Our services

Typically, our clients are start-up companies or small business owners who need an essential brand identity system designed to get their business off the ground. We usually start with logo design and determining the overall look and feel of the future brand; then we develop brand assets like business cards and stationery, and a website, in the same style.

The website will often start as a single-page or brochure site only, and develop over time as the client's business grows. Many of our clients like to have us on hand for smaller tasks and edits - quick changes to the website, edits to business cards due to adress change, designing holiday cards or event invites.

These are just the usual cases though - get in touch, let us know what you are looking for and we'll be happy to provide estimates or any other information you may need.